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Welcome to Sunstop Window Tint

Sunstop Window Tint is a professional window film installation company that provides commercial, residentional and automotive film installation to home, business and motor vehicle owners throughout South Africa.


 Our window tint solutions will optimally reduce heat, glare and provide supreme solar tint protection on your glass. Sun Stop Window Tint is able to offer a comprehensive suite of window tint solutions specifically tailored for your satisfaction that will:

  • Provide protection from the harmful effects of sun

  • Protect carpets, furniture, from fading

  • Protect people & property from flying glass in explosions & accidents

  • Control energy cost

  • Enhance  appearance

  • Cool your environment

  • Adds visual appeal to your company’s image


Our heritage and experience as a market-leading supplier of window tint solutions has given us the insight to know that the secret to a good window tint job is in its installation, paired up with the highest quality tint. Continuous training of staff on latest improvements on installation techniques ensures the best service delivery. Opt for Sun Stop Window Tint and have confidence knowing you have selected a product that will endure all elements and perform to your satisfaction. Sun Stop Window Tint is installed on several hundred homes, business's and thousands of cars every year. We positively impact lives with products that protect, save and renew. Our reputation is synonymous with premium quality and service.





Why You need Sun Stop window tint !



1. Fading


...sun stop window tint blocks harmful rays


The sun's ultra violet radiation, heat and light cause fading and deterioration of fabrics, carpets furnishings,
storefront displays and other interior items. All Sun Stop Window Tint films reject up to 99 % of harmful ultraviolet radiation and varying amounts of heat and light. This dramatically reduce damage to your interiors and furnishings keeping them in like-new condition longer.




2. Protection from flying Glass




... sun stop window tint keep shattered glass intact and protect occupants


Anything from a stray golf ball to a violent storm can send shards of glass flying, subjecting people and property to serious damage, injury or worse. Sun Stop Window Tint keep dangerous shards together on impact, whether due to accidents, severe weather, break ins, or vandalism.





3. Energy Savings


... sun stop window tint solar films produce positive impact on the environment


Sun Stop Window Tint solar protection films save up 30% on energy costs, which can reduce many buildings' carbon footprints. It can be installed quickly and professionally , allowing you begin realizing your energy saving goals without delay. Savings can be applied to offset initial costs, accelerating your return on investment. Long term savings and comfort go on for years.





4. Solar Protection


...sun stop window tint blocks harmful rays while letting visible light through.


Practically invisible when installed onto glass, Stop Window Tint rejects high levels of heat offering you strong protection against glare, uncomfortable hot spots and uneven temperature fluctuations. You'll feel an immediate difference upon installation.


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